"When Moondog steps on stage, strums a thunderous chord,
 and sings his songs, all eyes and ears are on him."
 -Bruce Colbert, The Daily Courier/AZedge

Monsoon Magazine

A Cyberspace Q & A with Dog of the Moon
by ralo August 2007

It was Memi Perkins who turned me on to Dog of the Moon. Several years ago I finally had the opportunity to see the band live. I only have a few totally favorite underground bands that I rave about over and over, and I can solidly say that this is one of those bands. Over the years I have shared a lot of music with my friends at the Voodoo Lounge, but when I brought in Dog of the Moon's "Greatest Hits", it was the only time that my friend Dan actually refused to return a CD. We played it over and over that night and howled into the sunrise over the Mississippi. Rumor has it our howling was heard all the way to Memphis. Dog of the Moon will do that to you. You can see them live at Rockstock in Jerome on Aug. 25th at the Gold King Mine around 11:00PM.

Q. How did you get the name Moondog?
A. I was born a Lunar Canine in the human year of 1969 on Crater Grimaldi, which is on the western edge of the Moon. Actually, it was the street name I had back in my rougher days because of my tendency to drink a lot of whiskey and howl at the moon. My time on the streets has ended but my love for drinking and howling has not.

Q. When did you start playing?
A. I started noodling with the guitar as a young puppy, but dropped out for a few years when I came to Earth and the drinking took over. Once I ended up homeless and in the streets, I had to figure out a way to make beer money, so I picked up the guitar again and began my career by playing in front of grocery stores. That became the  inspiration for a lot of my drinking songs.

The Daily Courier

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"Moondog  is one of the greatest
up and coming songwriters in America today."
- Ralo Heinemi, Monsoon Magazine

Q. Who would you say are your greatest influences?
A. My greatest influences have always been artists who rebel against the mainstream and dwell on the darker fringes of society. I relate to those that are revolutionary in thought and create different paths for the rest of us to discover. A few major influences would have to be Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Bukowski.

Q. Favorite place to play?
A. Without a doubt, The Spirit Room in Jerome, AZ. The love that I have found in that place has been amazing and the people that it attracts are some of the best on earth. I would have to say that my favorite gig so far was the Halloween Ball, but we're planning to drop a few bombs on Rockstock and make it the best show yet. The plan is to play until the sun comes up.

Q. Favorite Songwriters?
A. Bob Dylan is the king, with Neil Young following close behind.

Q. Anything else?
A. I lied about the moon thing. I was really born in Chicago.

See Dog of the Moon perform any chance you can. In my opinion, Moondog is one of the greatest up and coming songwriters in America today. Moondog is the real deal, inside and out. Catch him while you can.

August 2007 Monsoon Magazine■

Q.Any other musicians in your family?
A. All Lunar Canines are musicians because we believe that, besides love, music is the universal language. We find it sad and strange that many Earthlings don’t feel the same way because deep inside we all have a song that is waiting to be released. Here on Earth, that feeling seems to get repressed.

Q. When did you form Dog of the Moon?
A. When I turned thirty, I checked into a half way house and cleaned up my act. Within a year I had polished up my street songs and formed a three-piece band. In the beginning, we played a lot of acoustic stuff because I had not developed my electric sound. It took a bit of time to figure out how to make my acoustic sound like an electric.

Q. How would you describe your sound?
A. Country Folk Rock Blues with an Outlaw Hippie Attitude!

Q. Bandmates?
A.Todd “Count Bulldog” Wade (drums) & Adam “Professor Badnote” Pedretti (bass).